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The Problem

La Redoute knew the lifetime value of credit customers was higher (than non-credit customers). Knowing this, they wanted to experiment with their credit account option alongside other payment methods.

The aim of the experimentation programme was threefold:

  1. Increase credit applications
  2. Increase the quality of (Credit) applications
  3. Not adversely impact non-credit (Cash) payment journey

Our Approach

Fundamentally for the experimentation to be successful it was important that both payment options (Cash & Credit) were clearly available to La Redoute customers. An initial UX and competitor review highlighted that the “Credit Account” information on the payment page could be improved with:

  • Use of icons
  • Colour & better contrast
  • New page formatting
While it was also noted that other retailers emphasised their credit account at checkout by reducing the prominence of alternative payment methods.

Armed with this insight the team at REO put together an iterative experimentation strategy. This approach minimised the risk at such a crucial step of the journey, while allowing REO’s experimentation experts to understand the influence of each and every subtle change. A series of experiments were conducted, each one building on the previous:


The final winning design resulted in:

  • 35% increase in click through rate to the credit application page
  • 10.3% uplift in credit applications
  • 12% increase in credit applications being accepted
  • 15% increase in (credit account) orders
  • No decline in overall transactions


The results were very positive and demonstrate that the strategy put forward by the team at REO was a real success. La Redoute and REO continue to push the boundaries of experimentation.

Experiment 1:

Maintained the current functionality of the credit payment option, allowing the section to expand, offering more information and a more engaging design.



Experiment 2:

Taking the learnings from the first experiment and using the winning variation as the (new) control, the drop-down was removed and the information condensed into three clear USPs, to help increase engagement and encourage people to choose the credit option.



Experiment 3:

A final iteration was created, again keeping the previous winning variation as the (new) control. Building on the 2 previous experiments, REO’s experimentation team decided to hide the other payment options from the page, with only a discreet link to expand them.



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