Revenue per visitor up by 46%

The Problem

A data insight project revealed a significant number of visitors to the Penhaligon’s website never actually purchased despite engaging with the brand and browsing products. Penhaligon’s wanted to find a way to encourage this segment of visitors to initiate their first purchase.

Our Approach

The personalisation specialists at REO decided to tactically target this segment of serial browsers with lower priced products. REO’s designers built a banner for the homepage promoting Penhaligon’s range of “little luxuries”.

The personalisation specialists then ran an experiment to assess the impact of targeting this particular segment of visitors with lower priced products, aimed at encouraging an initial purchase.


0 %
Uplift in revenue per visitor
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Uplift is sales conversion

The results unequivocally demonstrated that there is a clear appetite amongst browsers to find out more about the lower priced products, and crucially that this has a high chance of leading to a purchase.

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