How Good Are Your Test Ideas?

15 Questions to assess your test ideas

Coming up with great test ideas is far from easy! To help you assess and benchmark the quality of your test ideas, we have compiled a list of Yes/NO questions, for every “Yes” you score 1 point!

Answer each question honestly with a “Yes” or “No”

1. Do over 60% of your test results win?

2. Do you often get over 10% or more uplifts for your tests?

3. Do you run targeted tests for your main visitor segments?

4. Are you running multiple page tests for key visitor journeys?

5. Are you testing ideas gained from outside experts?

6. Are you testing ideas gained from web and lab based usability sessions?

7. Are you testing ideas gained from visitor surveys, including single page questions?

8. Are you creating bold variations in your test ideas, not just subtle ones?

9. Have you tested improving your top 10 landing pages?

10. Have you tested using persuasion best practices for your website copy?

11. Do your test ideas get prioritized by impact/technical difficulty?

12. Have you tested improving the strength and prominence of your unique value proposition?

13. Are you using conversion influence MVT to find the most influential page elements?

14. Have you tried radical redesign tests changing page layout and style?

15. Do you iterate based on learnings from previous tests?

Tally your answers, remember for each question you answered “Yes” you get 1 point, those you answered “No” don’t get any points.

Now you know your total score, it is time to see how well your test ideas are:

Score = 0-3: Poor test ideas

Score = 4-7: Below average test ideas

Score = 8-11: Above average test ideas

Score = 12-15: Excellent test ideas

If your score was below 8, maybe we can help you look at what can be done to improve your ideas!

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