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Google Analytics 4 Migration

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Analytics & Data Team

Why you should migrate to GA4 now?


Google has set the sunsetting of Standard Universal Analytics in July 2023, with the premium 360 version to follow in 2024. Users of the free version of Google Analytics have less than half a year of data collection remaining. 


When moving to Google Analytics 4, your data from Universal Analytics will not go with you – to have a full calendar year of data for 2023 available in one platform, or to be able to compare like for like after UA data collection is switched off, you should migrate and implement Google Analytics 4 as soon as possible. 


The sooner you start collecting data from GA4, the greater a backlog you will have, which will allow an effortless and trouble-free transition between the two platforms. 




What does a Google Analytics 4 migration include?


Our Google-certified experts can help you prepare for GA4, with a series of steps to ensure a smooth transition from Universal Analytics. This will ensure parity in what is being tracked on site from your old to new setup, as well as troubleshooting support for any errors currently present so they do not follow you to your new implementation, and post launch QA to ensure that data collection is running smoothly and respecting your users’ privacy requirements.


It includes an audit of your Universal Analytics account, a map out of the current implementation with documentation, documentation for any site changes that will be needed, and the configuration of both your tagging in Google Tag Manager or other tag management systems and of the Google Analytics 4 interface itself. 



How long would it take?


Expect a fast turnaround from our Google-certified experts, from 3 to 6 days on our side. Variances may come from account complexity. 


If you need extensive data layer changes or have an ecommerce site, this date range may change based on your developer team times. 




Everything you need to know about switching from Google Analytics UA to Google Analytics 4


The clock is ticking! Join our analytics team for their GA4 webinar snackable series to find out how you can ensure a smooth transition from UA to GA4.


There are a number of challenges that need to be addressed before doing the migration, but we have gathered all the information you need to know before doing so: from the basics of what is exactly GA4 and what will change, to how you can improve your tracking and get most of your data.


Take 30 minutes of your day to enjoy our snackable webinar series running on December 6th, 7th and 8th from 12:15 to 12:45PM GMT – a 20-minute presentation followed by a live Q&A where you will be able to ask all your GA4 questions.


Hosted by: Finbar Deane-Stott – Analytics Consultant at REO Digital


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You can’t attend online? Do not worry, the sessions will be recorded and shared with all registrants.



At the end of the migration, GA4 data will be a known quantity to your team, and where it has changed from UA will have been covered and explained. This should ensure that well before the sunsetting of UA, the whole team is comfortable with using GA4 as the source of truth.

Google Analytics 4 migration project details


To ensure the smoothest transition from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4, we have broken down the project into steps. 



1  Discovery


By exploring your site and talking to you, we drill into your key conversions, as well as the challenges and requirements needed for a thorough understanding of your business performance online. The aim is for your implementation to be built to meet your needs. 


2  Audit and Planning


A 45+ point audit of the UA implementation is done first to make sure that any issues with the current setup are identified and either addressed or not ported over to the new setup. If you wish to keep your UA account running until the turn off date, we can also extract key quick wins from this audit to address. 


Using this knowledge, we create a full plan of the GA4 implementation, from top level account structure down to what events will be tracked: this includes documentation mapping out the events & user properties as well as developer guidance for what code changes need to be made on site to ensure that no tracking is lost. This plan will also form the foundation of account documentation that can be used as reference material for the setup after the fact. 


3  Configuration and Implementation


Google Tag Manager is implemented while developers add all new data layer changes to the staging environment. At the same time, GA4 interface is configured for both Production and Staging environments, ready to receive data in the appropriate format. 


By the end of this step, site activity will be dual tracked into both UA and GA4 instances, and all tracking should be enabled, as well as product links to other Google stacks tools running. 


A new implementation needs to be monitored to ensure that everything is running smoothly and that any differences between the old setup and new are being properly monitored and explained. To help with this, a cheat sheet explaining how key metrics and dimensions are defined differently between platforms will be provided, as well as a dashboard made that will allow you to view your UA and GA4 data side by side so that we can see any discrepancies clearly. We will also help to set up a best practice system of alerts to properly monitor this new setup. 


4  Rollout and Results


The new tracking is published into staging environments, and QA-ed to ensure that GA4 data is populating correctly. Once all best practice checks are completed, changes are then pushed to the production environment, and alerts are set up to ensure that issues that appear when the implementation is tested by the full traffic are caught. 

Your own implementation documentation

The implementation will be thoroughly documented for your reference, providing a blueprint for all the data present in your new GA4 setup.

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