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Google Analytics 4 Training

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Analytics & Data Team

How can we help you?

How does Google Analytics 4 fit into your technology stack? How have important concepts like sessions changed between versions? How can you get the most out of your data? 


Our Analytics training sessions will set you up to fully take advantage of Google Analytics 4 – you will learn how to get valuable insights from the platform, not just the features and interface. 


We have created three modules that focus on getting value out of your Google Analytics 4 data: 


1  Laying the foundations – covering the fundamentals, what is GA4, how does its tracking works and the key terms needed to understand the interface.


2  Getting Specific – deep diving into both key concepts such as data processing and how GA4 understands your sites’ users, as well as how to use GA4’s new robust custom reporting tools. 


3  Deep Dives – learn how GA4 handles marketing data as well as conversion tracking, building up to how it attributes credit across your marketing efforts and which of them are most valuable to you.



Who is it for?


Whether it is an introduction from the beginning for your whole team or just that some members who require upskilling on more advanced features who are looking to attend these sessions, we will provide a completely tailored training program. 


To get started fill in the form to discuss an initial analytics consultation call with one of our Google-certified experts. 



How does it help me and my business?


  • Check the right data is being collected along customer journeys
  • Get closer to your customers to better understand their behaviours
  • Align business reporting requirements with tracking/events
  • Fix any tagging and tracking issues
  • Map your current data collection
  • Improve implementations: GA4 and GTM
  • Improve data quality, accuracy, and consistency


An excellent implementation is only the first step to being data-driven. Your team needs to trust the data in the platform and be able to interrogate it if it's going to be useful in the long run.

Discover our Analytics training modules


Session 1: Laying the Foundations


This session will cover the fundamentals of Google Analytics 4 – the basics of its tracking model, the structure of standard reporting and the important terminology to remember in GA4. 


What will you learn in this course?


You will get to discover how tracking works, what an event is, the 3 tiers of setting up GA4 (configuration of tags, enhanced measurement & custom event tracking) as well as getting into what all the important terms in GA4 are from dimensions and metrics to parameters, custom definitions, and so on.


Lastly you will get a tour around the standard reports, and see what features these reports have and where to find key data.




  • How does GA4 fit into my tech stack?
  • The structure of a GA4 account
  • How does tracking work?
  • GA4 Key Terms
  • Interface 101 – Standard Report Manipulation



Session 2: Getting Specific


This session will be a deep diving into both more complex configuration questions around the definition of and ways we recognise users, and then how we practically represent this using custom reporting and segmentation.


What will you learn in this course?


This session is in two halves. The first half will be about data processing, specifically, how GA strings together interactions with your site or app into sessions, group those sessions together to map out a user’s lifetime with you and all the way GA is trying to build on this, including User IDs, Google Signals, Consent Mode and other predictive metrics. 


The second half will be more focused on the Exploration section and custom reporting in the interface. Now that you know what data you have access to and how it is aggregated and understood, we can learn the ways we can investigate and display it, both for our own insights but also to be shared with the wider team. 




  • Processing, understanding sessions and users
  • Cookieless tracking features (e.g. User ID and Google Signals)
  • New predictive and modelled data (e.g. Consent Mode)
  • Interface 102 – Custom Reporting and Segments



Session 3: Deep Dives


This session will focus in on how GA4 processes marketing information and conversion tracking, so that it can be pulled together to attribute the value delivered on site to each Marketing effort.


What will you learn in this course?


For Marketers, Product Analysts and Conversion Rate Optimizers, this module is all about ensuring that we understand how people get to your site, and how we understand if they do what is important to you once there. We will cover UTM tracking, the standard rules for GA4’s marketing channel grouping, and conversion tracking. 


Lastly, we go through how we can bring all of this together in Attribution: models in use inside of GA4, including the new data driven machine, and the reports you can use to interrogate that.




  • Acquisition Focus: UTM tagging and Default Channel Rules
  • Conversion Focus: Conversion Events & Ecommerce Tracking
  • Attribution: the concept, standard and Data Driven models & the in-platform reports


It's time to start getting value out of your analytics

If your team have specific needs, please simply fill in the form and we will get straight back to you and discuss your requirements.

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